Managed Security Providers

Managed Security Providers and Managed Network Providers – Data Centers

Managed Security Services: Our Managed Security providers support the best, Award Winning, On-Demand Security in the industry. If you are concerned about network security risks or network vulnerability, the solution can be provided via a Cloud-Based Delivery Model known as Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) – the most rapidly growing deployment platform of choice.

Hybrid Cloud Security Architecture Model

The Security Architecture Model helps clients recognize areas currently protected and areas that are vulnerable. Combining Cloud-Based and Premises-Based security solutions, they provide Comprehensive On-Demand Security. Each of these Managed Security providers are connected to their state-of-the-art Event Correlation SIM for Reporting and Forensic Analysis and Centralized Log Aggregation.


Solutions include:

  • .Managed IPS.
  • .WAF.
  • .NAC.
  • .Firewall.
  • .Log Management.
  • .WiFi.
  • .Web Filtering.
  • .Scans.

SaaS Solutions For Colocation Provide by Managed Security Providers

Benefits of a Cloud-Based, SaaS solution include:

  • .Hybrid Cloud Security Architecture to identify vulnerabilities and security gaps, while complimenting existing defenses.
  • .Reduced risk through 24x7x365 Coverage within their fully manned Security Operations Center (SOC).
  • .Rapid Deployment Time, typically less than 30 days, to accelerate the ROI to the client.
  • .No Upfront Capital Costs to combat shrinking budgets restricting IT departments from purchasing the technology they need to be secure.
  • .No Technology Learning Curve so the organization can focus on supporting critical business operations.
  • .Staffing & Security Expertise to minimize staffing training expenses and cover internal security skills gaps that can be exploited by attackers.