Data Center Migration Planning

DataCenterAndColocation has built a team of data center migration planning experts who have led and managed data center relocation projects for decades.   Our team utilizes customized data center migration planning tools and templates to document, plan and design even the most complex environments.  Our migration discovery process requires a unique blend of experience and approach to ensure application, network, and storage inter-dependencies are properly documented.  We allow our clients to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities, while the critical tasks and workshops required to develop a comprehensive data center migration strategy are underway.

Data center migratidata center migration planningon planning and relocation require precision, and experience.  Unplanned outages and downtime outside of acceptable SLAs can result in loss of business and money.  Our team is built to mitigate the risk associated with data center relocations. With industry experts across multiple IT disciplines, we apply decades of experience, customized tools and templates to develop, manage and deploy data center migration plans.


During the Discovery Phase the physical inventory is documented and loaded into a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool for visualization and space planning purposes.  The DCIM solution is populated and utilized throughout the migration process.  This approach allows for easy implementation of a DCIM solution in the new environment post migration.  Benefits of the DCIM solution include:

  • Power and space planning
  • Change management
  • Asset Management
  • Modeling for future project (expansions, consolidations, equipment refresh)
  • Provisioning and workflow

Once the current state is validated our application specialists formulate core and extended teams with the clients’ subject matter experts and lead a series of application mapping workshops.  Our goal is to document inter-dependencies and requirements for every system that will be migrated.  Application teams include but are not limited to:

  • Business owner
  • IT owner
  • DBA/network/SAN
  • System Administrator
  • Tester

Network, storage, and telecommunication workshops will be performed to ensure the future state design meet the primary requirements documented in the project charter.  The data center migration strategy will be impacted by systems being moved, refreshed, and decommissioned.  Migration cost, resources (internal and external), and project timeline will be managed and documented in the data center migration plan.


Technology DR plans are reviewed and evaluated as contingency plans are being discussed prior to the migration plan being finalized.  Our BCP/DR consultants review the plan and assist with the following, if required:

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Recovery Plans for Business and IT
  • Change and Incident Management

With system dependencies, DR and contingency plans and future state requirements documented the physical and virtual waves are planned.  We prepare machine sheets for every device that is being relocated.  Machine sheets include equipment type, power, fiber, copper connections, as well as current location and future location data.  Machine sheets accompany every device that is scheduled for relocation.  Wave posters are published for the front and back of every cabinet.  The waves are planned based upon a variety of client specific requirements documented during the migration plan design phase.  Our goal is to make your planned outage (the move/cut over) a non-event.

At DataCenterAndColocation, our experts can project manage the entire tedious and stressful process of relocating to a new data center. From the initial migration planning process, cost analysis, identifying a data center colocation site, RFP development, negotiating the contract for colocation occupancy, asset management, provisioning and physically relocating your from one point to another. You can decide which aspect of your move you would like us to handle from one part to a complete migration process.

Please feel free to reach out and request additional information, or learn about our pre-migration assessment services that assist initial migration discovery and budget development.