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Data Center Design Build

Before Data Center Construction

Our Data Center Construction Company and Data Center Design Build services delivers outstanding value while compressing the construction implementation process into a clear, concise process. We hand-over the finished data center on budget. We are well-known in the data center construction industry and one of the best data center construction companies in the US. To support this commitment we have assembled an exceptional team of leading data center talent uniquely capable of solving even the toughest data center design build and construction challenges. Our customers, who are some of the largest and most influential brands in the data center business, work with our team to save time, lower costs, improve ROI, increase reliability, improve efficiency and reduce risk.

Data Center Construction – Build To Suit Data Centers

Data Center Design Build

After Data Center Construction

Successful data center design build construction projects require a balance that can only be maintained through a deep understanding of every element, process and requirement of your data center infrastructure. Every one of our successful project starts with a deep understanding of our client’s business. In this industry, there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Before one piece of equipment is selected, before any topology is chosen, before the floor plan is envisioned, we listen to your data center requirements.

We produce a quality, constructible design that will help you achieve your business goals. As a result of being vendor neutral – meaning we’re not tied to any OEM, we select the right design, equipment, and partners for our client’s data center projects by putting their interests first.

We get it: In the high-stakes game of data center construction, value has its place — but reliability, performance and redundancy pay the bills, so every data center design build is fully warranted and is built to the most exacting of standards.

Our veteran in-house team takes charge of every aspect of data center construction from start to finish. It’s simple. Our Design-Build process guarantees that collaboration and communication are seamless every step of the way.

Data Center Design Build Construction Services

  • Site Selection and Viability Studies
  • Sight Assessment and Planning Consulting
  • Data Center Competition Analysis by City
  • Data Center Architecture
  • Data Center Design, Structural Engineering and Planning
  • Equipment Selection, Scheduling and Installation
  • Data center Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC installation
  • Data center earthquake bracing and retrofit
  • Project Management
  • Emergency Power Generation, Mission Critical & Mechanical Equipment
  • Raised Floor or Duct work
  • Wall and Ceiling Treatments
  • High-Efficiency Lighting
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Security and Monitoring System
  • Data Center Commissioning to provide verification of system performance
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Data Center Equipment Service Contracts
  • Contracting Services
  • Electrical and Mechanical installation of all systems
  • General Construction services, including the assurance that new installations are in accordance with all national and local codes
  • Demolition & General Construction
  • Concrete reinforced housekeeping pads for interior equipment and outdoor pads for exterior equipment
  • Permits for all Trades
  • Cutting, patching, repairing damage during construction
  • Final clean-up of data center and equipment support rooms at project completion

In-house Project Leads are assigned to each project phase: Conceptual Design, Engineering, Equipment Selection and Pre-construction, Construction and Commissioning and they all work together from the first day of a project until the data center goes live.

Minimize Design Build Errors, Save Time And Money With Our Design Build Construction Process

Selecting the right data center construction company: We Design Build: collocation sites, enterprise data centers, telecommunications hubs, etc. We move seamlessly between designs for N+1, 2N, Tier 2, 3 or 4 data centers.

For every project phase we utilize efficient, proactive and proven processes and procedures to deliver the desired result.

  • We save time through design coordination, strong sub-contractor relationships, the constructability of our designs and the efficiency of our design-build process
  • We control costs leveraging our outstanding purchasing power, value engineering skills and a disciplined trade contractor bid process that ensures we consistently deliver the best value for our clients
  • We mitigate risk by vetting trade contractor’s qualifications and capabilities, offering deep familiarity with local regulations, contract conditions, and a meticulous adherence to safety standards
  • We reduce errors and deliver seamless execution by utilizing procedures that make certain that there is seamless hand-off from one project team to the next.  Our approach engages the construction team and even the commissioning team during the design and procurement phases.  All team members assist with creating the estimates, developing the schedule and trade contractors’ scopes of work providing our clients with the assurance that the project is set up for success – which means an on-time, on-budget deliverable.
  • We will protect your data center build budget by offering fixed-bid pricing when possible. If your data center project where the design and build scope of work cannot be fully defined at proposal time, we can offer hourly construction rates.

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