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Decommission In-house Data Centers – Data Center Demolition – Data Center Asset Liquidation

DataCenterAndColocation’s data center decommissioning and demolition services help commercial real estate owners, tenants and managers dispose of their data center infrastructure equipment using EPA certified methods. Our team of associates can maximize return on investment while mitigating risks. Decommissioning your data center site is serious business and must not damage the building infrastructure and must comply with current State and Federal laws affecting recycling data center equipment. As part of the service, equipment can be sold to third parties for the highest price possible. We can also liquidate all the data center assets to help off-set demolition costs.

Services Provided For Data Center Decommissioning and Demolition

  • Project management
  • Complete Site Demolition and decommissioning
  • Removal of old cabling, A/C, UPS, raised floors, cabling, overhead racks, diesel generators
  • EPA Certified Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Equipment brokerage services and equipment re-manufacturing options
  • Disposal or Recycling of Materials
  • Liquidate assets including raised floors, UPS, PDUs, diesel generators, HVAC and cabling.

Data Center Decommissioning Checklist: Things to Consider Before Decommissioning A Data Center

The first step is to put a comprehensive strategy in place. You need to assess the operating expenses and financial liabilities facing your company and department. Remember that it takes longer to decommission a date center than you might think it should so immediately develop a time-line that considers costs, project management, disposal time, construction and environmental impact..

  1. Lease Review. What are your existing lease requirements for decommissioning and what are the requirements for the final state of the space? Make sure someone with expertise reviewed your lease since decommissioning can be an expensive process.
  2. What outside professional assistance do you need to sell the CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioners) units, disable the sprinkler or fire suppression systems and dispose of diesel engine equipment and tanks?
  3. Do you have the time and expertise to decommission a data center while preparing to move to a new location? Can you assign a project manager to this process?
  4. Develop an inventory of assets
  5. Contact any fiber carriers early in the process and determine a transition plan
  6. What service contracts to you have in place for all your equipment? Develop a termination plan for all contracts.
  7. Can you negotiate with your existing landlord to take over some of the assets you have in place in exchange for decommissioning the space?
  8. Do you have a strategy for IT equipment decommissioning, asset tracking for disposal of scrap or resalable equipment?
  9. What resources do you have in place for demolition and reconstruction?
  10. Establish master plan and coordinate all resources and tasks to complete on time and on budget.
  11. How do you dispose of hazardous material in an environmentally safe manner?
  12. Are you maximizing the value of your existing assets to pay for some of the decommissioning work?

We are experts in the removal of sensitive data and hazardous materials and our demolition teams will return property to pristine condition in record time.

How we can help with the Data Center Decommission and Demolition process

  • Requirements identified in proposal format
  • Scope definition process: Project specification collection and scope of work definition processes & pre-bid site visit
  • Present project parameters & proposal
  • Approval process, deliver asset purchase agreement and decommissioning project contract
  • Scheduling & project coordination
  • Project commencement
  • Project execution
  • Dispose of assets
  • Final site restoration completion and sign-off

For more information on Data Center Decommissioning and Demolition, and for data center consulting services, please contact us. Decommissioning Appointment

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