Data Center Colocation consulting services

Data Center Consulting Services

Data Center Consulting Services

Data Center Consultants and Location Brokers: DataCenterAndColocation Consultants assists companies and institutions to evaluate data center real estate and colocation options. We can help you determine where to build a data center (data center site location), design build your data center, assist with migrating to a new one or find financial data center developer partners. We bring expertise to all aspects of critical data center facilities. Our goal is to ensure you find the best solutions for your company needs today and into the future. We are experts in power, space and how the various data center providers operate and how they can meet your needs. If you are looking for colocation consulting, we represent over 3000 data center on a wholesale basis and our services are free to clients.

Data Center Consulting Quotes

To help keep pace with the growing business requirements for more power and cooling, companies evaluate one of four choices, we can assist in the evaluation process:

  • Retrofitting or expanding an existing data center location
  • Build a new data center
  • Recreating new data center space in a new location
  • Look for property to build a new stand-alone data center facility
  • Consider moving into a colocation facility with a data center provider

Our clients value our ability to objectively navigate through the complexities of data centers and we are truly independent and objective. We clearly layout the data center construction facts and compare them openly with your financial assessment and operations team. With our team of experts, we can offer a full range of data center services like no other consulting firm.

In-House Data Centers EvaluationData Center Consulting

Our data center consulting expertise and specific data center knowledge can provide planning and design consulting for corporate, institutional and government organizations. Many of our clients have in-house data centers that have grown beyond the capacity needs or are relocating their corporate offices and want to evaluate rebuilding a data center in new office space. We can provide a comprehensive assessment to evaluate placing your IT equipment in a colocation facility or moving to a data center operated by your operations staff. DataCenterAndColocation can shorten the time and effort in identifying your data center design project needs while saving time and money.

We plan and design mission-critical needs. Our roles and responsibilities are seamlessly integrated into your organization. We support existing resources and provide independent validation of internally developed data center projects.

Our role starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your current situation and requirements. We can assist with your future project requirements.

Design Build-To-Suit With Lease Back Financing

Our Design Build team can build a data center with your exact specification in mind with small upfront cash. Some CFO’s prefer to preserve CAPEx dollars and utilize OpEx money to fund a data center build-to-suit. We can arrange financing to fund the project and lease it back to you while preserving cash flow and moving it to an operating expense.

We can assist with the following:

  • Needs Assessment and Data Center RFP Development
  • Budget and schedule planning
  • Design Planning
  • Compare colocation options
  • Critical Infrastructure planning
  • Project management
  • Power and HVAC requirements
  • Technology equipment refreshment
  • Data center transition, migration and consolidation of various organization facilities
  • Requirement compliance
  • Purchasing of infrastructure equipment
  • Fiber availability
  • Regional power costs by state and city
  • Support green initiatives
  • Data center expansion requirements
  • Assist with IT equipment relocation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Data Storage
  • Managed services
  • IT Security services

It is easy and simple to contact us for your Data Center consulting evaluation. Either call us at:

San Diego, California
Phone: (858) 264-6832

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We Represent 3,000 Colocation Data Centers Worldwide

  • Digital Realty Trust
  • Adhost Data Center
  • American Internet Services Data Center
  • Data Bank - C7 Data Centers
  • Source Mission Critical Facility
  • QTS Data Center
  • CenturyLink - Level 3 Data Centers
  • Corelink Data Center
  • Verizon Data Centers
  • Infinity Internet
  • VAZATA Data Centers
  • TierPoint Data Centers
  • Agile Data Sites
  • ScaleMatrix
  • Phoenix NAP
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • Advanced Data Centers
  • Raging Wire
  • Cologix Data Centers
  • Aligned Data Centers
  • ATT Data Centers
  • XO Data center
  • DataSite Data Centers
  • WindStream Data Centers
  • Qwest data center
  • DataSite
  • ColoHouse
  • INAP
  • CentriLogic Data Centers
  • Telx Data Centers
  • Cogent Colocation
  • Iron Mountain - Fortrust Data Center
  • Equinix Data Centers
  • CenturyLink Data Centers
  • Commercial Media Data Centers
  • NuCor IT Solutions
  • i2B Networks Services Data Center
  • Flexential Data Centers
  • InfoRely
  • Peak 10 Data Centers
  • Sabey
  • Terremark
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • NYI Data Centers
  • ClearDATA
  • Cyxtera
  • Cogent Data Centers
  • Corelink
  • Telehouse Data Center
  • Streaming Media Hosting
  • Digital Fortress Data Centers
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • Phoenix NAP
  • CenturyLink
  • NYI Data Centers
  • Zayo Data Centers
  • The Planet Data Centers
  • Navisite Data Centers
  • CoreSite
  • Telehouse Data Centers
  • Equinix Data Centers
  • Iron Mountain - IO Data Centers
  • DuPont Fabros (now Digital Realty)
  • DataBank
  • Global Net Access
  • US Colo Colocation
  • and many more...