Bitcoin colocation



 Bitcoin mining is moving rapidly to a Bitcoin hosting data center or Bitcoin colocation hosting facilities. Locating the best Bitcoin, ASIC, block chain and Ethereum data center to host your operation can be challenging. In the past, all you needed to mine Bitcoin digital currency was a rack, power and cooling. As equipment changed and the quality of crypto-currency mining ASIC processors and systems increased so did the challenges for the Bitcoin crypto-currency operator. Migrating to a facility with high density power and large amounts of cooling is now a necessity not just an option. Finding a cost effective data center to house your Bitcoin operation is our specialty. consulting is a free service to Bitcoin operators looking for cage space, a private Bitcoin colocation suite or a Bitcoin wholesale data center space. Crypto-currency enthusiasts are scrambling to find the right location to house their equipment.

Here is  a partial list of the cryptocurrency companies looking for data center hosting or GPU hosting:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Namecoin
  • Bitcoin gold
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Swiftcoin
  • Peercoin
  • Mastercoin

Crypto-currency and Block Chain Hosting Sites Currently Available:

  • Any number of miners up to 500 kWsbitcoin hosting
  • Space available with 1.6 mWs
  • Bitcoin space available up 2.5 mWs
  • Large miner hosting space for 6 mWs of power
  • Large deployments for block chain clients, we have space available up to 35 mWs
  • Construction site that has 125 mWs of power with the transformer on site.
  • US and Canadian bitcoin hosting sites
  • We provide support to our clients throughout the term of their contract and any renewals.

Some of the Bitcoin hosting data center features to consider are the following:

  • A secure hosting location to house expensive Bitcoin ASIC miner equipment.
  • Low cost of power and spaceBitcoin Colocation
  • Sufficient cooling
  • Remote hand assistance as required
  • A reliable Internet connection
  • A data center that understands the requirements of Bitcoin hosting operators
  • Payment for services with Bitcoins as an option
  • Expansion space
  • Flexible term contracts

Our company negotiates directly on a wholesale basis with data center management and quoted by management at lower costs and on a volume basis which results in lower costs. Most spaces have racks and cooling in place and ready for installation.

Our methodology of sourcing your new data center or mining hosting options, meeting your financial targets, easing the demands on your position and delivering more than you expected is our prime goal. We offer our clients a combination of business professionalism and technical expertise that your business should expect. We have aligned ourselves with a portfolio of over 3000 data centers nationwide. Our ability to find “the best of the best” has one objective: find the most cost competitive data center with the features and benefits you need to keep your business running, consistently and securely. This will allow you to constantly exceed your ever-changing demands.


DataCenterAndColocation – Bitcoin Hosting Consultant
Phone number: (858) 264-6832


We Represent 3,000 Colocation Data Centers Worldwide

  • Digital Realty Trust
  • Adhost Data Center
  • American Internet Services Data Center
  • Data Bank - C7 Data Centers
  • Source Mission Critical Facility
  • QTS Data Center
  • CenturyLink - Level 3 Data Centers
  • Corelink Data Center
  • Verizon Data Centers
  • Infinity Internet
  • VAZATA Data Centers
  • TierPoint Data Centers
  • Agile Data Sites
  • ScaleMatrix
  • Phoenix NAP
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • Advanced Data Centers
  • Raging Wire
  • Cologix Data Centers
  • Aligned Data Centers
  • ATT Data Centers
  • XO Data center
  • DataSite Data Centers
  • WindStream Data Centers
  • Qwest data center
  • DataSite
  • ColoHouse
  • INAP
  • CentriLogic Data Centers
  • Telx Data Centers
  • Cogent Colocation
  • Iron Mountain - Fortrust Data Center
  • Equinix Data Centers
  • CenturyLink Data Centers
  • Commercial Media Data Centers
  • NuCor IT Solutions
  • i2B Networks Services Data Center
  • Flexential Data Centers
  • InfoRely
  • Peak 10 Data Centers
  • Sabey
  • Terremark
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • NYI Data Centers
  • ClearDATA
  • Cyxtera
  • Cogent Data Centers
  • Corelink
  • Telehouse Data Center
  • Streaming Media Hosting
  • Digital Fortress Data Centers
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • Phoenix NAP
  • CenturyLink
  • NYI Data Centers
  • Zayo Data Centers
  • The Planet Data Centers
  • Navisite Data Centers
  • CoreSite
  • Telehouse Data Centers
  • Equinix Data Centers
  • Iron Mountain - IO Data Centers
  • DuPont Fabros (now Digital Realty)
  • DataBank
  • Global Net Access
  • US Colo Colocation
  • and many more...