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HEADQUARTERS: San Diego, California

Data Center And Colocation announced today in San Diego that it has launched an enhanced internet website that offers free expert services, advice and guidance on data centers in the Western States. This information assists companies looking for colocation space, disaster recovery sites or a new data center location.

Companies in California have been hit hard with cutbacks in operations and management staff. Finding internal resources to evaluate alternative data center locations is becoming increasingly difficult and complicated. “Our goal at Data Center And Colocation is to provide our clients a free service that is totally non-bias and a financially based independent recommendations for colocation space “, says John Giaquinta, President. “We provide recommendations to companies on ways to cut 25 to 200%  in data center expenses.  We analyze all aspects of their data center requirements. Based on those requirements, we do all the time consuming work of generating the proposals, negotiating the data center responses and presenting the best data centers inside California as well as outside of California”.

The service includes:

  • carefully identifying your specific colocation requirements
  • review specific security requirements
  • evaluating the cost of electrical power in neighboring states and various data centers
  • determine the impact of potential natural disasters
  • solicit proposals
  • analyze detailed data from proposals and presenting pricing options in a clear and concise way
  • schedule tours of the preferred facilities
  • assist in making recommendations
  • negotiate favorable terms
  • assist in the move or migration process

Our specialty is identifying very secure, high quality and lower power cost data centers to our clients that require 3 or more racks of equipment with high power consumption.


About Data Center And Colocation

Data Center And Colocation is a free data center consulting service company located in San Diego, California. The principles have over 25 years of experience in telecommunications management, voice and data services and the colocation industry. The company provides complete turn-key services like data center selection, wholesale broadband voice and data services and managed services. As an added benefit to our clients and data center owners, there is a job posting and job search service for the telecommunications industry. When experience matters to your company, visit for more information or contact us at (619) 365-9236.