Data Storage And Data Replication Hardware Solutions

Data Storage

With data storage hardware needs growing at an astounding rate in colocation facilities and in-house data center facilities, many organizations are considering network storage solutions and data replication as a way to simplify data management, increase network availability, and decrease storage costs. Implementing the solution, however, may seem like a daunting task. Knowing which components are right for a particular environment and installing them correctly are essential to successful implementation. How do you know which ones to choose?

Are all your storage requirements covered?

Quantum Tape Library

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Archive
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup   

Do you have all the storage hardware pieces? Unfortunately, you may discover in the middle of implementing a solution that additional resources are needed for the implementation to be successful.

Do all the storage hardware pieces fit together? You need to know that all components of the solution fit together seamlessly and provide maximum results.

What is your experience level? Your experience with network storage can determine how fast and successful the implementation is.

Does it match your resources’ skill sets? While you may enjoy a challenge, no one appreciates the frustration of not having the storage skills or training necessary to get the job done.


Will it grow with you? You need to be sure that the solution is flexible and scalable to meet your future needs.

We can help you put the pieces together. Implementing a network storage strategy can be complex. We take the guesswork out of putting together integrated storage solutions. Our Engineering Consultants, let you know what to expect from the completed data center project, including the anticipated benefits of the specific solution. The implementation plan includes solution configuration, storage management, network infrastructure (HBAs, Switches, Hubs), and storage media (Disk, Tape).

Here is a list of storage manufactures and what they offer: Nexsan, NEC, Quantum, Overland Storage, PAC Storage, FalconStor, BlueArc, Infortrend, EMC, Hitachi, GreenBytes and Dell.

We represent the following low cost enterprise storage manufactures at the best prices:

Data Replication


  • NEXSAN – E18, E60, E60X, SATABeast, SATABoy, ASSUREON
  • NEC – D Series D4, D3, D3i
  • Quantum – DXi 3500 Scalar i6000, Scalar i2000, Scalar i500, Scalar i80, Scalar i40
  • Overland – NEO 8000E Library. NEO 4000E, NEO 2000E, NEO 400S, NEO 200S & Snap Servers
  • PAC Storage – F6800, Fi6700, i6100, F6500E, F6412E, F5404E
  • FalconStor – CDP, VTL, FDS
  • BlueArc – Mercury Series, Titan 3000 Series
  • Infortrend – ESVA F10, F40, F60, F70 & ESVA E10 & E60
  • EMC – Symmetrix DMX, CLARiiON, Celerra,
  • Hitachi – Adaptable Modular Storage 2500, 2300, 2100
  • GreenBytes – GB-4000, GB-2000
  • Dell – EquaLogic PS6510E, PS6000X, PS4000E, PS4000XV, PowerVault NX3500, NX200

We have a wide variety of ISCSI and Fibre SAN, NAS, DAS, Backup, Archive & Disaster Recovery products. Whether you need 1TB, 2TB SATA, 450GB, 600GB SAS or Tape Libraries we have a solution. With the advent of 3TB disk drives you can now even have 180TB’s in 4U’s of rack space.

Data Replication is the process of mirroring data between hosts. These hosts (servers or storage arrays) can be in the same data center or separated, one at an off-site location to provide for disaster recovery. Data replication can be achieved a multiple of ways;

  • Synchronous is real time mirroring utilizing synchronous data replication software or hardware based solutions.
  • Asynchronous replication is done in phases; this is not real time data storage exchange and has advantages.
  • Asynchronous replication does not require the data to be recorded on the duplicate system before proceeding with additional writes.
  • Backup storage replication is moving a backup files or parts of that file (critical data) from one data center location to another for disaster recovery. Most data will require data de-duplication and compression of that data prior to replicating. This can be done with software or hardware based solutions.

Data replication provides the fastest form of recovery in the case of a disaster. The ability not to recover critical data in full and or in a timely manner will result in loss of business, customer service and possible loss of your entire organization.

We can demonstrate how to best fit one or more of these solutions into your environment. Our goal will be to enhance and comply with your organizations best practices and guidelines.

Once we understand your environment we will then provide a solution to meet your data storage objectives and budget.

About DataCenterAndColocation: Our data center and colocation consulting company, located in San Diego California, represents approximately 3000 data centers and colocation centers across the US. At no cost to our clients, we identify specific space, power, security requirements, data storage, solicit proposals, professionally analyze them, compare the strengths and weaknesses, negotiate pricing and deliver highly competitive bids for colocation. Whether you are moving your existing colocation site, adding data center sites or establish a disaster recover site, our service is your best solution to reduce costs and free employee valuable time. Our specialty is identifying very high quality and low power cost data centers and data storage solutions for in-house data centers or colocation facilities.