Data Center Outsourcing

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5 Compelling Reasons for Data Center Outsourcing

Data Center Outsourcing

Setting up your own data center or server room is an expensive undertaking both in terms of money, time and deployment of IT staff. Apart from the high capital expenditures, there are the high day-to-day management costs. Adding new services or upgrading to newer technology, adding additional cooling or power is also quite difficult. It makes sense to outsource your IT infrastructure to a data center or colocation facility.

Using a data center or colocation facility for your IT infrastructure means that you lease specific space to store your servers and equipment, which are stored in the same space along with the servers of other companies in a common physical location. Each organization’s equipment is physically secured inside a lockable wire cage or a locking server rack. Colocation offers you flexibility to either upscale or downscale your technology and requirements as your business grows or slows, without having to buy or sell assets reducing your CapEX (capital expense) costs.  Clients of DataCenterAndColocation Consulting pay nothing to get the best colocation pricing based on their specific requirements.

Colocation Benefits

The benefits of using a data center or colocation facility include:

  1. Operating and capital cost savings
  2. Better use of space if you have an existing in-house server room
  3. Ability to focus on your core business focus points and not worry about your organization’s IT infrastructure
  4. Physical and Environmental Control and Security – necessary in today’s world of DRP (Disaster Recovery Planning), PCI DSS, and HIPAA:
    • Temperature controlled, air-conditioned environment
    • Power and surge protection
    • State-of-the-art fire suppression – no critical losses due to fire
    • High-level on site security through surveillance cameras, mantraps, and biometric systems to prevent unauthorized entry
    • High level Security
    • Power redundancy and axillary back-up power
    • 24 hour monitoring of your systems
    • Connectivity to various Internet providers and networks
  5. Option of adding or removing your systems as business requirements change

Data centers offer scalable solutions and the option to upgrade your enterprise’s abilities over time as business requirements grow and change.  The cost savings are easy to imagine.  Data centers buy power, temperature control, power protection, space, and security in bulk thus passing savings on to you and your organization.

An organization needs to focus on its most important asset—its employees and sales.  By using a data center or colocation facility to host their IT infrastructure, companies can give their employees more time to focus on the business.  It’s a win-win situation.  These days office space can come at a premium.  Using a data center to host your IT infrastructure gives your organization more space to use for employees, training, meetings, etc.

Outsourcing your data infrastructure gives you peace of mind when it comes to disaster recovery.  Mitigating risk can be as simple as making an appointment with a consultant from who will guide you though all the complicated steps necessary.  Disaster recovery shouldn’t be a headache and using the skills of others will benefit your organization’s Disaster Recovery Plan.  You won’t have to worry about testing your plan because the experts at a data center or colocation facility will help you – they have the knowledge to correct any issues discovered during the testing period. Many IT staff  never had to participate in a full recovery of their server room. Lack of ongoing experience can cost a business as it needs to wait longer for systems to be recovered. A data center or colocation facility can strengthen IT resources by expanding your company’s expertise with people skilled in recovery methodologies and best practices.

A data center can provide premier infrastructure that complies with PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, HIPAA , SSAE 16  auditing compliance and the capability to ensure that hosted applications are available on a 24/7 basis.

A data center provides facilities for companies and merchants to house servers as they conduct their business. In that capacity, the data center provider has specific responsibilities that must follow various compliance requirements. A merchant or company that is located within a PCI Compliant data center is not automatically PCI Compliant, but consultations with a data center expert such as those available at DataCenterAndColocation Consulting will ensure your organization meets those standards.

DataCenterAndColocation,, is one of the largest colocation site consulting firms in the United States. They represent approximately 3000 data centers and colocation centers. At no cost to clients, they identify specific space, location, power and security requirements, solicit proposals, professionally analyze the responses, compare the strengths and weaknesses, negotiate pricing and deliver highly competitive bids for colocation. They also perform comparative analysis for in-house vs. design build services, wholesale data center space and data connectivity.