San Diego Data Center Power Costs

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San Diego data center customers are paying more for their power in data centers than other parts of the state of California and near by states. Based on detailed colocation pricing surveys from other areas in the state, San Diego data center clients pay on average over $425 per 120V / 20 Amp circuit to power their equipment, sometimes even more. Other isolated areas of the state are charging up to 35% less for power than San Diego.

San Diego Data Center Power Costs  Are Influenced Two Different Ways 

First is the lack of competition for San Diego data center space. Basically, there are two data centers providers with available space. All the other data centers are essentially out of space, power or cooling capabilities. In specific areas of the state, competition is steep for colocation customers and to lure these customers from San Diego, they are cutting pricing for power and in some cases cutting both power and space per square foot.

The second reason is the cost of power. In San Diego the cost of commercial power runs on average over $.135 per kilowatt-hour; which is slightly higher for average power in the state. In some areas within the state of California, power costs can go as low as $.065 per kilowatt-hour due to special utility concessions or sources of power.

Fortunately some San Diego colocation companies can take advantage of the lower power costs within California by remotely managing their equipment from San Diego to other areas of the state or outside of the state. For those companies that don’t need hands on capabilities from the IT staff, can manage their equipment remotely or are comfortable with using managed services are considering going out of the state. If you are looking for colocation space to place your secondary data center or disaster recovery site, there are data centers with power cost of $.06 per kilowatt-hour and even lower. Some states offer metered power services which are not currently allowed in California. In some state you actually pay only for the power you use on a monthly basis rather than paying for power on a per circuit basis whether you use all the power or not. For high power users, this could represent savings up to 200 per cent compared to San Diego colocation prices.

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