How a strong partnership with a Data Center Colocation Provider enables Enterprises to focus on core competencies

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What are the ways in which a data center colocation provider can make your company more productive? Here are some:

Focus on core competencies

First, a data center will allow your company to focus on the core of your business. Most companies have to deal with in-house data center problems like power, maintenance, security, network access and information management on a daily basis. All these situations detract from the management team’s ability to keep the company running and focus on sales or product development.

Security is Paramount

Secondly, a data center provider can store your business information securely. If you are already handling customers’ data through CRM channels, e-commerce data, campaign results on digital platforms. It is then necessary to find the best way to protect that information,. These types of data storage now require very specialized protocols and services that data centers can provide.

The Part Played by Automation

Thirdly, the datacenter can help automate your processes and services. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, you can now offer automated customer service channels, and monitor the tasks of each area of your company through project management platforms, all through the datacenter.

From a global perspective, information has become an invaluable asset. Each company makes efforts to get the most out of their data and protect it. How do you take care of yours? There are two possibilities: you can establish your own servers, with a limited team and resources to protect all your know-how or you can rely on experts and ensure the computer security of your company by using data center managed services. Data Center Colocation service providers are playing a crucial role in helping enterprises manage huge volumes of data smartly and cost effectively.

Choosing the right colocation service provider

If you have already decided to have a site selection team or hire a professional colocation consulting company, the first thing is to make sure you cover the needs of each of the departments involved, so that the investment is profitable in time, money and effort.

Some Colocation aspects to consider are the following:

Physical location

Consider weather and the risk of natural disasters such as earthquake fires or floods. Proximity to your place of business is not really a concern as everything can be handled remotely. Moreover, data centers provide around-the-clock security, both physical and digital.

Data Center Provider Reputation

Make sure you thoroughly investigate the data center’s reputation and financial stability. With many mergers and acquisitions going on in the industry, you want to make sure the colocation provider is stable. Calling some of their existing customers is also a great idea.


The supplier must assure you that it has a redundant and diverse connection from the electricity supplier in case the one path fails. A reliable power backup plan is essential to ensure uninterrupted service.


Be sure that you select a Data Center service provider that complies with international design regulations and safety and business continuity certifications, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 22301.


It is essential to ensure that your Data Center Colocation provider has the capacity that your business requires as well as being served by diverse entrance facilities.

Hybrid Data Center

The transition to a hybrid data or hybrid cloud environment uses a combination of off-premises services. These may include private or public cloud or with another privately owned off-premises datacenters. This is a challenge for traditional methods of management and supervision of in-house infrastructures.

The widespread adoption of services in Private Cloud has had a significant impact on the infrastructure requirements of corporate data centers, complicated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and the increasingly higher Edge computing workloads.

A valid recommendation would be to contract with a data center colocation consultant with years of experience. This would dramatically increase the chances of a successful installation by addressing an entire list of things to consider when deciding on a data center  colocation provider.

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