Colocation Is Your Best Option To Minimize Risk FactorsThere are several colocation advantages. A data center is a central repository for storage, management and dissemination of data and hence can be termed as the heart of the data processing operation for businesses. The ability to conduct day to day business greatly depends on the efficiency of the data center. Today’s data centers are high performance computing architectures.

Why Data Center Colocation Can Be Your Best Option? Here are the colocation advantages:

Colocating your data center is easier than building a new data center and making it operational or keeping your equipment at your own facility. There are several advantages of data center colocation such as service reliability, flexibility, security, disaster preparation and cost management and savings. Let’s take a look at these advantages in detail.

Service Reliability:

data center consultantUp-time and reliability are two main critical characteristics of data centers that are sought by any business having an online initiative. Downtime can cause loss in sales, opportunity and also affect productivity of businesses. Colocation services offer you data centers with 99.9% or more up-time guarantee.


Colocation can have your business up and running in minimal time, weeks or months. The floor area can be expanded with growth of your business. Data centers’ can support connection speed up to 2 Gbps or more using blended bandwidth with multiple carriers. A small business with one server or big businesses with multiple rack equipment can benefit from the services of colocation data centers.

Cost Management and Savings:

Operation and maintenance of your own data centers can cost thousands of dollars not including the expense of backup power and price of bandwidth which is also a major cost in operating a data center. Colocation eliminates the upfront expenses including building and operating a data center which also includes periodical maintenance costs. Colocation data center have their own backup power options to guarantee the highest up-time to their clients.


Colocation data centers offers the  best security in the form of monitored surveillance cameras. The facility is well protected and equipped to deal with most security threats. No person can enter the facility without proper identification. All building areas of colocation data center are equipped with an alarm system to detect any intrusion in conjunction with man-traps, biometrics and 24/7 security personnel.

Businesses need to seriously consider colocation of their data center for fast and dramatic improvement of their business processes. Several businesses desiring the need to add another data center (a secondary disaster recovery site) for regional network support and to enhance business continuity can consider data center colocation as well. It is the best solution in these scenarios as they do not have to bear the cost of building another expensive data center facility.  is a free service provided to clients for selecting the right data center or colocation facility for their requirements. DataCenterAndColocation is one of the largest colocation site consulting firms in the United States. They represent approximately 3000 data centers and colocation centers. At no cost to clients, they identify specific space, location, power and security requirements, solicit proposals, professionally analyze the responses, compare the strengths and weaknesses, negotiate pricing and deliver highly competitive bids for colocation. They also perform comparative analysis for in-house vs. design build services, wholesale data center space and data connectivity.