Cloud Price Ranges And Cloud Hosting Options – There are several Cloud Hosting Options Available

Public Cloud Hosting And Pricing

This is a shared cloud hosting infrastructure. It provides flexibility, a cost effective solution and scalability. Most companies use this for test environments, short term projects or dev environments or web hosting. You can control the VM’s and scale your cloud infrastructure when you need it and on-demand.

Cloud price ranges in the $40 to$300 per month depending on the number of CPUs, the amount of RAM, Storage and bandwidth.

This usually comes in a variety of operating systems like Linux, CentOS or Windows. Security preference is on secure VLANs and router firewalls

Private Cloud Price Ranges And Hosting Pricing

This is a private cloud solution. It provides you with private virtual machine instances on actual physical servers. These virtual machines are dedicated to you only. No sharing on these machines. Most companies use Private cloud hosting as an application server that utilizes high memory applications and intensive CPU requirements. This environment provides higher security and reliability along with scalability and flexibility via a web-portal from the data center provider.

Prices range in the $850 to$1000 per month range depending on the processor, the amount of RAM, Storage and bandwidth.

These environments usually offer a variety of OS choices, redundant NAS storage and  IP addresses both private and public. You can also order additional bandwidth and storage. Firewalls are up-grades that are available.

Managed Server Hosting And Pricing

This is a total managed solution of your physical infrastructure. You can manage your environment, build and scale the equipment remotely.

Prices range from $500 per month on up to $2000.

This managed solution includes an enterprise level firewall, site to tie VPNs, SAN based storage and your choice of operating system.

Hybrid Hosting And Pricing

Many clients are interested in a hybrid hosting environments. The classic example is a company that uses their dedicated hardware for their business logic and databases in combination web servers and storage with cloud computing hosting. The dedicated hardware can be collocated in the same data center and cross-connected with the cloud environment to create the hybrid hosting solution.

The pricing varies widely based on all the components mentioned above.

With the flexibility of cloud hosting, the provider can be virtually anywhere. While most companies are familiar with data centers in their local area, choosing the right cloud provider can be a challenge and a very time consuming task to investigate all the provider choices.

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