Cloud Hosting Choices and How to Select a Cloud Hosting Platform – SaaS, IaaS, PaaS

While cloud hosting is still in its beginning stages, cloud hosting has grown rapidly. Several hosting options are available depending on your requirements. Cloud hosting can provide the following benefits:

  • Cost Savings – Cloud hosting can avoid CapEx (capital expenses) costs and reduce total IT operating costs by up to 50% while shifting to an OPEX (operating expense) model.
  • Reliability – Ensure dependability with Service Level Agreements of 99.95% plus.
  • Scalable – Offers scalability with on-demand services.
  • Fully Managed – IT simplification for your staff.
  • Predictable Pricing – Increased ROI with predictable monthly billing.
  • Lower Risks – Multiple layers of data protection with security and application availability.

Understanding Cloud Hosting Service Terminology

SaaS or Cloud Software as a Service

SaaS provides companies with the ability to use a data center to run their applications on the data center’s cloud infrastructure. The user can access their applications from a thin client interface like a web browser. The user does not have any responsibility for the managing the network, operating systems, storage component of the core cloud infrastructure. Client uses the data centers applications running on the cloud infrastructure with the exception of some user specific application configuration settings.

IaaS or Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS allows the client to determine the processing, storage requirements and network utilization and some other basic computing resources. Like SaaS, the client does not manage the core cloud infrastructure; however, controls the operating systems, storage, deploys their own applications and software. This comes with limited control of limited components like host firewalls.

PaaS or Cloud Platform as a Service

This service offers clients the ability to operate their own applications utilizing program languages supported by the data center. The client can manage these applications deployed on the hosting environment. Like IaaS, the client does not manage or control the core cloud infrastructure like servers, operating systems or storage.

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