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John Giaquinta, President Of DataCenterAndColocation
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John Giaquinta is President and CEO of DataCenterAndColocation, a division of Fortuna Ventures, Inc., a California corporation. He has over 30 years of telecommunications experience with operations and sales organizations for several Fortune 500 companies. DataCenterAndColocation has a team of sales consultants, research analyst and business development staff.

After receiving a Master’s Degree in Physics at San Diego State University and a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Management, he started his career with SPRINT COMMUNICATIONS managing the Southwestern offices of this fast growing company. John later became Vice President of Metropolitan Fiber Systems (MFS) which was ultimately acquired by WorldCom. At MFS, he was responsible for sales, marketing and construction of the 128 mile fiber network in San Diego including the construction of two 1000 square foot data centers.

John was hired as Vice President of BroadStream Communications, a start-up wireless Ethernet telecommunications company. He was part of the senior staff in charge of strategic negotiations and the initial deployment of a nationwide network utilizing wireless and fiber facilities and launched multiple data center locations. BroadStream sold in March 2000 for $360 Million Dollars.

In December 2000 he was a member of the Senior Staff for a joint venture between Qualcomm and Ford Motor Company called WingCast. As Senior Director of Network Operations and Infrastructure, the company was tasked with building a network for Ford Motor Company similar to “On Star” for General Motors. He was in charge of nationwide network design and engineering, network deployment, application integration, network configuration and the NOC. He built two data centers at Qwest Cyber Centers, deployed two network switch centers, two call centers, a customer care center and negotiated wireless carrier inter-connectivity with Verizon Wireless.

In April of 2008, he was recruited to become Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a San Diego data center. He managed their two data centers and launched their new 88,000 square foot Tier 3 Data Center in California. This facility remains one of the largest data center in San Diego. While working at this data center provider, John noticed the distinct disadvantage colocation clients have in California – the HIGH COST of space and rising cost of electrical power. Many companies were forced to seek alternative sites outside California for their primary and disaster recovery sites to conserve capital in a downward market environment. Rather than fight the incurable problem, John decided to provide colocation clients with cost-effective alternatives and started DataCenterAndColocation in 2009. His company has expanding its reach globally in 2012 and is now one of the largest data center and colocation consulting companies in the United States. DataCenterAndColocation currently has offices in California and Florida.