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Data Center and Colocation provides proven colocation consulting, wholesale pricing on voice and data circuits, cloud services, hybrid colocation and managed services consulting. We assess your data center requirements, identify high performance & low cost solutions worldwide, generate RFPs, compare pricing, tour space and make recommendations. Our goal is providing our clients with the greatest overall value for their IT spend.

As your trusted advisor, we can source all your telecommunication requirements with the best providers at the most competitive price saving you time and resources. Our team of consultants understand your business and the need for continuous uptime of your IT infrastructure. You can rely upon us as we have been successfully delivering the best data center solution for the best value at no cost to our clients.

Our Services

Colocation Consulting Services

Colocation Consulting Services is a no-fee data center colocation, hybrid colocation or wholesale consulting company that represents over 3000 data centers around the world at discounted rates. We can secure the best colocation pricing for hosting your servers or cage colocation space. Successfully delivering the best data center solution for the best value is our mission because we know it is your most critical mission

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services

If your strategy is to move your IT workload to the cloud or to a hybrid colocation solution, DataCenterAndColocation is a team of expert consultants who can guide you through the whole process. DataCenterAndColocation helps enterprise clients transform their IT environment with best-in-class Cloud Computing Infrastructure. Our solutions enable you to flexibly and proactively engage customers, drive employee productivity without a constraining IT infrastructure, and most importantly, deploy new business models and its connected ecosystems easily.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Selecting the correct Managed Services Provider can be a daunting task. Let our experts review your requirements and make detailed recommendations. We will review your network, infrastructure, security needs and active premises administration as part of our analysis with the intention to improve operations and cut expenses. Some of the services that will be reviewed will be Authentication, Data backup, Data recovery, systems management and network monitoring.

Voice And Data Services at Extremely Competitive Prices

Voice and Data Services at extremely competitive prices

We provide competitive voice and data services for your office and data center needs. You can look to our company as a carrier neutral company for assistance. Since we buy services in large blocks, we are less expensive than your current providers or trying to buy direct. We will provide you with a one-stop location to buy all your connectivity needs

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